What is OpenITG?

OpenITG is a modification of StepMania 3.95, inspired by the In The Groove series. It's an older (but still powerful, and not outdated!) version of StepMania. You can play a large catalog of (sometimes modded!) simfiles, use custom themes, and do almost everything that you can do in StepMania 5!

You can find modded simfiles for OpenITG, for example, in TaroNuke's channel, WinDEU's channel, or PuuroKulho's channel. There are a complete database available here. A full zip file can be found here.

You can download OpenITG here!

What is NotITG?

NotITG is a custom version of OpenITG made by TaroNuke, that allows you (and developers) to do more things. It has been created on March 2011, and is currently very active and updated with new features!

There are many simfiles for that version, and there are always new ones! You can find a complete database of NotITG files there!

The latest release of NotITG can be found there. Subscribe to TaroNuke's channel to make sure you're up-to-date!

Are they similar to StepMania 5?

No, No, No, No and No!

Okay, they are all based on Stepmania, they are all rhythm games, they have the same gameplay, but ITG and SM5 runs differently! On ITG, scripts are based on XML files, while SM5 uses Lua files. ITG uses Lua 5.0, while SM5 uses Lua 5.1. Those terms may be unknown to you, but they mean that any modded simfile from SM5 won't work in ITG, and any theme or noteskin from ITG won't work in SM5 (or vice-versa)!

So please, don't try a SM5 thing on ITG, or an ITG thing on SM5. It's just a waste of time. Of course, standard simfiles runs pretty well on both, since they read both .sm files!

Okay, I want to install OpenITG/NotITG now!



You need to know a few important things before trying to install OpenITG or NotITG :

If you understood these things, you can now install ITG!

How to install OpenITG

  1. Download OpenITG.
  2. Like any program, follow the instructions, but make sure that you install the game outside of the Program Files folder!
  3. Now, you can launch it! The executable is at (The location where you installed ITG)/Program/OpenITG-PC-SSE2.exe.

How to install NotITG (the easy way)

  1. Download the full setup of NotITG.
  2. Unzip it anywhere (not inside the Program Files folder!) You can put it, for example, in your desktop, or in a USB drive.
  3. Now, you can launch it! The executable is at (The location where you installed ITG)/Program/NotITG-V4.exe

How to install NotITG (manually)

You need an OpenITG installation in order to run NotITG!
  1. Download the latest release (as a .exe) of NotITG.
  2. Drag and drop the downloaded .exe in the folder located at (The location where you installed ITG)/Program/.
  3. That's all, just run the .exe now!


A problem? An unexpected crash? Can't run the game? Here is a list of the most common errors!

The game crashes on boot with a video card error.

You have an error like this :

There was an error while initializing your video card.


Video Driver: (Your graphic card here)

Initializing OpenGL...
SetVideoMode failed: Couldn't set screen mode
Initializing Direct3D...
SetVideoMode failed: CreateDevice failed: ''

Unfortunately, your graphic card can't handle ITG on fullscreen. You need to enable Windowed mode :

  1. Open the file at (The location where you installed ITG)/Data/Static.ini
  2. Go to the bottom to find "Windowed=0", set it to "Windowed=1".
  3. Save the file, close it, and restart the game!

The game crashes randomly with a "Access Violation" error.

Make sure that the game is located outside of Program Files. If it happens while launching a specific simfile, contact the file's author.

If your game isn't in Program Files, feel free to ask the UKSRT Discord for help! Many people will help you!

When launching a simfile, I'm having a white screen.

Go into (The location where you installed ITG)/Data/Static.ini and add "VideoRenderers=opengl" at the end. Save, and restart. D3D is causing issues with some effects.

My game is crashing when going to "Graphic Options".

You are using the default/home theme, and you are having this error :

parse error in ScreenGraphicOptionsBasic::Line8
The default theme shipped with OpenITG is unfortunately broken. You must fix it. But don't worry, it's really easy!
  1. Open the file at (The location where you installed ITG)/Themes/home/metrics.ini
  2. Near the bottom, under the section "[ScreenGraphicOptionsBasic]", there is a line called "LineNames=1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8". Replace it by "LineNames=1,2,3,4,5,6,7". (Just remove the ",8").
  3. Save the file, close it, and restart the game!

How can I install Songs?

Open the archive (zip, rar, ...), and follow these simple steps:

After any of those methods, you have to restart your game.

A song isn't appearing!

If you still have issues, don't hesitate to ask in the UKSRT Discord!

How come "scalable" noteskin is highlighted in the NotITG v4 theme?

It's because you don't have that noteskin. Please download it and place it in OpenITG/NoteSkins/dance